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Welcome to the most revolutionary, comprehensive and innovative resource center …for growing your Business Enterprise!

Venture Capital & Private Equity * Management Consulting Resources * Business Development

With over 13 years in the making, ILACO Accounting through ILACO Corporation and the ILACO Group of Companies; is the most holistic and innovative business development system that ensures that your business is poised for success!

With the revolutionary 12 Steps to Business Success" program, the ILACO Group of companies will provide key services and practices specifically designed to take your business to the Next Level !

We provide the necessary Investment Capital from our Debt and Equity sources…and complement it with our unique and diversified suite of Business Development Tools including specialized Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax and CFO Management services:

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perform all necessary Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax and CFO Management and have up to date and readily accessible financial reporting for management, stakeholders and investors;

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obtain necessary Business Loans, Term loans, Lines of Credit and credit facilities to augment your business and grow your sales and profits; - visit www.ilacofinancial.com.

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obtain the most crucial element in any business enterprise; the Human Resource component! Administer qualified HR management principles for recruitment of Executive Management and staff and line personnel…and attract qualified personnel to help grow your business enterprise; visit www.ilacohumanresources.com

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with a robust and diversified complement of qualified investors, ILACO PEC has assembled one of the most comprehensive consortium of Private Equity Investors including direct and immediate access to some of the most successful and eminent Business Leaders in the country!

For more information on the ILACO Private Equity Consortium (PEC) visit us at www.ilacoprivateequity.com

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ensure your Credit Rating is maximized and borrowing costs are minimized for both personal and corporate credit; - visit www.ilacocreditrepair.com

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supplement your business profile with a professional Executive Management Team to guide your company and take your business to the Next Level!; visit www.ilacomanagement.com

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procure all the necessary Insurance coverage and risk mitigation with everything from Key Man Insurance, Life and Disability, Health Benefits programs as well as Comprehensive General Liability for business and Auto Insurance for home and business; - visit www.ilacoinsurance.com

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Market and Brand your business for your market demographics, create sales and marketing strategies and maximize sales procurement and branding awareness; visit www.ilacosalesmarketing.com


The “12 Steps to Business Success” program is scalable and designed for every kind of business, from start-ups to midsize businesses and pre-IPO companies. It covers every kind of industry, from manufacturing, retail, health care, natural resources, technology and more!

We provide the necessary Investment Working Capital from our Debt and Private Equity Consortium…and complement that with all the business support tools needed to grow your business!

Our support companies provide all Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax and CFO Management, Banking and Financing, Sales & Marketing, Executive Management Teams, Human Resources Management, Insurance and Health Care services, Web Design, Cyberspace and Social Media management, Media Entertainment services, PR Publicist function and IT and Security Systems support …all the necessary business resources to take your business to the Next level!

It ensures that your company is focused and bullet-proof, and mitigates all the inherent risks and dangers associated with running a business in these challenging times.

This covers not only start-up and early stage businesses, but also necessary Business Restructuring, Reorganization and Turnarounds for struggling businesses facing foreclosure and bankruptcy!

To take your business to the Next Level and take advantage of this unique and revolutionary business modeling program, Contact Us now to start the engine of your success… and realize your dreams!

Your Small Business… is our Big Business!

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