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ILACO Accounting offers a unique and seminal program with our virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Management program, providing you with unparalleled access to a complete CFO presence just like a major corporation, but without the prohibitive cost of a senior management executive.

This is in part a component of ILACO Management, providing a complete virtual Executive Management Team to oversee, manage and deliver high impact management solutions for fast growing small businesses.

With ILACO Accounting you get all the features and benefits of having a CFO presence with

  • Banking Facility Management - facilitate banking interaction and procure maximum borrowing credit facilities
  • Financial Stewardship - ensure that all aspects of corporate financial management are judiciously attended to, from accounting and cash flow planning to banking and tax management
  • Accounting Oversight - institute a focused and solidified accounting department with effective controls, oversight and due diligence
  • Corporate Financial Governance - provide proper corporate financial governance with defined policy formation and directives, compensation and employment policies and financial metrics for defining corporate performance guidelines and policy
  • Stakeholder Interaction -have visible and accountable financial management representation to key stakeholders from vendor suppliers, financial institutions, government and sharheolders

This allows you to focus on core skillsets and strengths without having the serious time-consuming obligation to ensure financial management oversight and banking governance. With the ILACO Accounting CFO Management Program, all routine and high-profile financial management and oversight is diligently and judiciously managed to ensure that excellent business practices are met and delivered, thereby allowing a key business component to be stabilized and governed.

This is a vital component to any business enterprise and must be diligently and carefully aligned so that businesses don't fall into the financial pitfalls that are ever present and always challenging!

The ILACO Accounting CFO Management program is reasonably priced as all our business resource services are, and starts as low as $80/hour for preset and structured CFO management programs and portfolios.

An example of typical financial portfolio programs include

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Pro Forma Financial statement preparation
  • Bank and lending adjudication
  • Accounting systems integration

You only pay for what you need, but get the impact and presence of a full fledged Corporate Chief Financial Officer. Once your business profile is stabilized and large enough to support a full time in-house CFO, we will transfer that control with a more cost effective solution of in-house management.

ILACO Accounting also provides a comprehensive Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax and CFO Management program that encapsulates the entire range of services required for any size business.

For more information on our unique and insightful CFO Management program, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at

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