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With any business enterprise, the issue of taxation and tax management becomes paramount as a business enterprise grows. This requires diligent and careful tax planning and effective tax neutralization measures.

ILACO Accounting provides a complete suite of tax consulting services for both personal estate and corporate tax management. Our tax specialists will also execute and complete all tax remittances for;

  • HST Harmonized Sales Tax;
  • Personal and Spousal Tax Filings;
  • Personal Tax Planning Strategies;
  • Corporate Provincial Tax Filings;
  • Corporate Federal Tax Filings;

ILACO Accounting can also look at specialized tax neutralization strategies by acquiring tax losses from like businesses and amalgamating into holding companies for tax mitigation. All tax strategies are fully compliant with all governing tax laws having jurisdiction and the company has complete access to specialized tax law experts and CRA and IRS tax consultants.

As a specialized tax consulting service, ILACO Accounting can also structure and administer personal wealth management for tax planning and estate management. This becomes a top priority once self-employed entrepreneurs have entered the successful profit generating phase of their businesses.

All our tax consulting services are economically structured and intended for supporting small business enterprises that are in transitional phases of growth. Hence our pricing structure is cognizant of the challenges and needs of small business enterprises, yet delivers all the key tax management services that would only be available to large business enterprises.

ILACO Accounting also provides a comprehensive Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax and CFO Management program that encapsulates the entire range of services required for any size business.

For more information on our unique personal and corporate Tax services, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at

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